Why Transformer Labels Matter

Posted on: 17 April 2020

If you are going to be using transformers or are going to have them on your property, it's important to ensure that each one is properly labeled.

The type of label you will need will depend on local requirements in your area, as well as on the exact type of transformer you own and its purpose. When unsure, you should always check with a professional to acquire the proper label.

And, if you're tempted to skip out on labeling, don't be. Using transformer labels is important for several different reasons.

They Send A Warning

To start with, a good transformer label can send a warning to others. It lets them know that the voltage inside is potentially hazardous and dangerous and that it can cause electrical shock if tampered with.

This will deter people who don't know what they're doing from tampering with your transformer. It can also deter children from attempting to play with or open the transformer unit. All in all, the right label can keep everyone safer and reduce the risk of shock, injury, and accidental death.

They Can Incorporate Pictures

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to read or to comprehend what they read, including many young children. The good news is that transformer labels can and do often incorporate pictures and symbols that are universal and that can easily be understood. That way, even if someone who does not read well sees the label, they will still get the message that danger lies inside the transformer.

If having these types of images on your label is important to you, be sure to choose a label that incorporates images. You could also use a standard label with words in addition to a label with pictures for maximum effect.

They Provide Information

In addition to labels that send out a warning, you should also consider labels that are designed for professionals. These labels give the specifics of the transformer, such as its size, voltage, and other information. Having this type of label provides valuable information for those who work on your transformer and can also help you to remember important details about your transformer.

If your transformer did not come with such a label, or if the label has become worn with time, you can always have a custom label made.

As you can see, transformer labels are important for many reasons. So, don't skip them. Choose one or more labels to perfectly complement your transformer and promote safety.


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