3 Reasons Why SEG Fabric Displays Are Ideal for Quick Service Restaurants

Posted on: 21 April 2020

Crisp, clear signage and displays are vital in any successful quick-service restaurant, both for advertising purposes and to allow your customers to easily see options and prices. However, while any displays used by a quick-service restaurant must be durable and long-lasting, the ability to quickly design and erect new displays is also essential if your restaurant offers limited-time menu items, early-bird discounts, or other time-sensitive promotions.

Many types of traditional signage simply cannot keep up with the fast-paced world of modern quick-service restaurants, so many owners and operators are choosing SEG fabric signs and displays instead. These uniquely designed displays have a number of advantages over other commonly used options and are ideal for almost any quick-service restaurant.

Why should you choose SEG fabric displays for your quick service restaurant?

1. Easy to install and modify

Silicon Edged Graphic (SEG) fabric displays are designed to be incredibly easy to install. First, a rigid frame (usually made of steel or aluminum) is fitted to the display area. Your chosen design is then printed onto a piece of tough, moisture-resistant fabric, which has silicon strips bonded to its edges to make it more rigid. This printed fabric display can then be fitted into the pre-installed frame.

Once the rigid frame has been installed, you can affix new displays and signs to the frame in a matter of minutes using minimal tools. Outdated displays can be removed just as quickly and easily. This makes SEG fabric displays tremendously versatile and allows you to switch displays several times a day to advertise lunch menus, limited-time offers, and daily specials.

2. Highly attractive

The fabric portion of an SEG fabric display is compatible with most commonly used printing methods and can be used with the latest dye sublimation techniques to create high resolution, photo-realistic images, and displays. This makes them ideal for creating larger displays depicting new or popular menu items in rich detail and is particularly useful for enhancing visibility at drive-thru lanes or carry-out stations.

SEG fabric signs and displays are also highly resistant to fading caused by sunlight and UV exposure, so they will retain their beautiful, just-printed looks for a long time, even when used in outdoor locations. For indoor displays, backlights can be fitted to frames to enhance visibility and attractiveness.

3. Easy to maintain

SEF fabric signs also require very little maintenance and are much more resistant to everyday wear and tear than sophisticated LCD screen displays. They are waterproof, making them very easy to clean if soiled or stained. The fabric is also highly resistant to tearing and edge-fraying. 


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