Consider These Tips Before Buying Blade Signs

Posted on: 22 April 2020

If your business opens up to a sidewalk, a blade sign can really bring in a lot of business. These signs project outward from your storefront like a blade. In other words, they sit perpendicular to the front face of your building. People will see the blade sign as they are walking along, and the text will be perfectly positioned so they can read it. But before you have that gorgeous blade sign mounted, there are a few tips you will need to follow.

1. Check to ensure blade signs are allowed.

Contact your municipality, and also your building association if you're a part of one, to ensure blade signs are permitted at your location. Some municipalities do have regulations against them as they seek to maintain a certain aesthetic in the community. There may also be restrictions as to how large the blade sign can be, what colors it can and cannot be, and the height at which it must be mounted.

2. Choose your text carefully.

Blade signs are small, so you need to think carefully about what you have yours says. You don't want to put any unnecessary text on the sign as it will only make the sign look cluttered and distract from its key message. Most businesses just include their name on the sign. If your business name does not make it obvious what you do or what you sell, you may also want to include a short description. For example, if your business name is "Nonomee" and you sell yogurt, you may want to have your sign say "Nonomee" on top and "yogurt" underneath it.

3. Pick a color that will stand out.

You do not want your blade sign to blend into the background. You want it to really stand out. Choose bright colors — preferably ones that you use elsewhere in your marketing. You could use a bright color for the background of the sign and then a neutral tone like black or white for the lettering.

4. Choose a material.

Most blade signs are made from painted metal, but you can also consider vinyl, which tends to be cheaper. Visit a sign company and look at examples of both. Different people have different preferences, so it really is best to see some signs in person before making a decision.

A blade sign is paramount if you have a business that gets a lot of walk-by traffic. Follow the tips above!



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