4 Ways To Maximize Your Use Of Custom Signage

Posted on: 23 April 2020

When designed well, custom signage can be the kind of attention-getter a business needs. If you're going to pay the premium for custom signs, though, you'll want to see that you make a good return on the investment. Here are four ways you can maximize the ROI for making and deploying custom signage.

Break the Frame

In a typical day, you're likely exposed to tons of signs. To keep your audience from ignoring your signage, it's smart to do something that will break up the monotony of signs that use shapes like rectangles, ovals, and circles.

For example, a company that has a mascot can have the character break out from the edges of a rectangle to create visual interest. This can be accomplished with logos, too. You might have an oval-shaped logo. It can be overlayed on a rectangle to break up the lines and attract interest.

Use Spot Colors

Strategic deployment of colors is often more interesting than blasting the viewer with a bunch of colors or photographic images. Using a deep red on a sign that's largely black and white, for example, will make the spot of color stand out more. Keep the palette simple, perhaps three to five colors, so a viewer can quickly get the idea and pick up the imagery.

Your Name in Lights

There's a lot to be said for using lights in and around custom signs. Modern LED systems make it very cost-effective to deploy lights. Likewise, lights can be integrated inside of channel letters to create a glow inside your company name and its logo on the signage. Not only does this drive attention, but it serves the practical purpose of making the sign more readable at night and on cloudy days.

Few Words

If you're using a sign to send a message rather than signal your company's name and brand, you should think about how to convey that message. People won't give your custom signage much of their time because they're probably going to be walking or driving. You want to have a message that can be read in a matter of seconds. Something with four to six words and few letters has to have a lot of punch, but keeping it simple may make a major difference in both readability and comprehension.

You can go a step further by using one or two simple and easy-to-understand shapes. For example, an arrow on a sign pointing to your location is simple to understand.

For more information on custom signs, reach out to a supplier. 


The Multi-functional World of SIgns

Signs exist for so many different purposes. Some signs tell you how fast to drive or where to turn. Others tell you what a store sells, and still others advertise sales that you might want to check out. There are blade signs that protrude from storefronts to attract walkers, and there are street signs that ensure people know where they're going. Sign makers are experts at designing signs that serve their individual purposes well. They have a wide range of skills related to design and construction. We hope that this website will help shine more light on the sign industry and its importance.