Three Types Of Signs To Use For Your Trade Show Booth

Posted on: 28 April 2020

Representing your company at a trade show might be something that you do multiple times throughout the year. If so, it's advantageous to invest in the right materials early on so that you're adequately equipped at each new event. Signage is highly important if you routinely attend trade shows. The right signs can not only identify your company to people from a distance but can also compel them to approach your booth and begin talking to you. Talk to a local custom sign printing company to determine your trade show signage needs. Generally, you'll want to have these three types of signs printed for trade show events.


A banner is a perfect type of sign to use for trade shows. There are several different ways that you can use your banner, but a common option is to hang it above your booth. In this location, the banner will be visible to people throughout the venue. This means that if someone is specifically looking for your booth, he or she will have no trouble scanning the room and spotting your banner. You'll want to consider the typical size of booth that you use at trade shows so that you can choose a custom banner that is of an appropriate size.

Tablecloth Sign

One type of sign that you might not know much about is a tablecloth sign, which is essentially a tablecloth with information printed on it that you can place over the table at your booth. The presence of this type of sign immediately adds a professional look to your trade show booth. Whereas other trade show attendees may use conventional tablecloths or even leave their tables bare, your sign will show that you've thought to make your booth more informative and visually appealing. You can often have the top and front of the tablecloth sign printed, so there's lots of space to put your information.

Foam Board Sign

You'll also want to talk to your sign printing company about producing a foam board sign that you can take to trade shows. This type of sign conventionally sits on an easel-like stand and is perfect for situating at the front of your booth. You can print all sorts of relevant information about your company on your foam board sign, perhaps with a compelling design that will encourage people to initiate contact with you. Depending on how you plan to set up your booth at each trade show, you may wish to order a couple of custom foam board signs.


The Multi-functional World of SIgns

Signs exist for so many different purposes. Some signs tell you how fast to drive or where to turn. Others tell you what a store sells, and still others advertise sales that you might want to check out. There are blade signs that protrude from storefronts to attract walkers, and there are street signs that ensure people know where they're going. Sign makers are experts at designing signs that serve their individual purposes well. They have a wide range of skills related to design and construction. We hope that this website will help shine more light on the sign industry and its importance.