2 Alternatives To Hard-Wired Exit Signs

Posted on: 29 April 2020

When it comes to exit signs in your building, you want to install exit signs that will work regardless of whether there is electrical power or not. In order to meet most building code rules, you need exit signs that are not hard-wired in place. The two primary alternatives to hard-wired exit signs are photoluminescent exit signs and self-luminous tritium exit signs.

Alternative #1: Photoluminescent Exit Sign

One of the primary alternatives to hard-wired exit signs is photoluminescent exit signs. These signs do not need to be hard-wired to your electrical system. They also do not depend upon batteries for power either, so you don't have to worry about swapping out the battery pack every few months. Instead, photoluminescent exit lights essentially use glow-in-the-dark technology to illuminate the light.

The photoluminescent tape used to create the light is designed to absorb ambient light. The tape then takes that ambient light and uses it to "power" the tape, creating a reaction that produces a visible light that can be easily seen when it is pitched black or even smoky. They provide great illumination even in less-than-ideal conditions, making them a great exit sign option.

Alternative #2: Self-Luminous Tritium Exit Sign

One of the other alternatives to hard-wired exit signs is a self-luminous tritium exit sign. This type of exit sign does not require electricity or batteries to work. Additionally, it doesn't require any ambient light to charge up, like a photoluminescent light does. Instead, the exit sign is lit up through the radioluminescence properties.

This type of exit sign will always stay lit-up in the dark, even without the presence of ambient light. This type of exit sign is great to place in an area that is generally completely dark, without ambient light around to recharge the light.

Both photoluminescent and self-luminous tritium exit signs don't require any electrical or battery power to operate. They are both made of chemicals that create light. A photoluminescent light requires ambient light to recharge, and a self-luminous tritium light will always remain lit-up. You can install both these lights wherever you need to in your business, as they don't require wires.

Additionally, both these types of lights don't require any maintenance. You don't have to change out light bulbs or batteries, so once the exit lights are in place, they are ready to go and will provide support in the event of an emergency. Both of these exit signs options will help you meet building code requirements. 


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