Order These Custom Vinyl Banners Before A Track And Field Meet

Posted on: 17 June 2020

A track and field meet often lasts just a day, but the preparation that is necessary in advance of the event may span several weeks or even months. If you're among the people organizing a local track and field meet, you'll want to find a custom sign company that can produce vinyl banners to meet your requirements. You may have needs for other types of signage, too, but vinyl banners have plenty of benefits for this type of event. They're easy to hang outdoors, and their large sizes help to make them clear to read from afar. Here are some custom vinyl banners that you'll need for your track and field meet.

Individual Event Banners

You'll definitely want to order large banners that you can hang in the area in which each event will take place. The outdoor venue may span several acres, so it's important for athletes, parents, and volunteers to be able to understand where things are. Banners that display the names of certain events — long jump, javelin, high jump, and multiple running events, for example — can make it clear to people where they need to go. The design of these banners should include not only the name of each event but can also feature the track and field meet's logo and an image of someone participating in the event.

Sponsorship Banners

There's a good chance that your track and field meet has a number of corporate sponsors that have made financial contributions to help offset the event's costs. There are many different ways that you can recognize their help, including with a vinyl banner. A large banner that displays the names and logos of each of the companies will give them some well-deserved recognition. You can hang this banner in an area where most people will see it — for example, near the entrance to the outdoor venue.

School Or Club Banners

Another option to pursue is to arrange for your custom sign company to make up banners that display the names and logos of each organization that is taking part in your track and field meet. Whether you're organizing the event for schools or for community track and field clubs from your area and beyond, these banners will help each participating organization to feel welcome. You can then hang these banners in a visible area — for example, near where the medal ceremony will take place.

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