Order These Signs For Your New Yoga Studio

Posted on: 8 July 2020

When you're setting up a new yoga studio, the decorative elements that you'll include will likely be at the forefront of your mind. You might want a small water fountain that mounts to the wall in one area, while draperies that soften the look of the space can also be valuable. You shouldn't overlook a number of different signs, however. In addition to any exterior signage that you'll use, several custom signs inside of your yoga studio will inform your customers about a variety of topics. Connect with a local sign company like Apogee Signs to discuss the following ideas.

List Of Classes

Some customers who enter your yoga studio will know exactly what type of class they wish to take, but others will need additional information before they make up their minds. To satisfy those who are unsure, you'll want a sign that provides details about each of the classes that your instructors teach. The presence of this sign, which you'll likely want to hang in your lobby area, will be valuable because people can peruse it at their leisure instead of asking your desk staff numerous questions. This sign should include the name of each of the classes, as well as a one- or two-sentence description, and some information about the level of expertise that is required.

Yoga Quote

Another sign idea to consider is to choose a quote that you feel will be helpful to your customers and then have your sign company produce a sign that features this quote. An online search can present you with a wealth of quotes about yoga, and you may also wish to consult your yoga training manuals to find something appropriate. A quote translated from the Sanskrit language, for example, might appeal to you and your customers. To tie this sign into your studio, have the sign company place your studio's logo somewhere on the sign.

Rules List

Yoga studios are tranquil environments when their customers follow the rules. While you can expect that your frequent customers will understand the rules of the studio, this won't necessarily be the case for people who are trying yoga for the first time. Put together a list of the rules that you want people to follow once they enter your studio so that your sign company can produce a sign with this list. You can then mount this sign in a place where it will be impossible for people to miss, such as outside of each of your rooms.


The Multi-functional World of SIgns

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