Factors To Consider When Designing LED Signs For Your Business

Posted on: 17 August 2020

More businesses today are adopting outdoor digital signs to communicate with their loyal and potential customers. This has been proven to increase awareness, which in turn improves sales. If you are thinking about getting LED signs for your business, you should make sure that they provoke engagement from your clients and people who are passing by. The key is to focus on two essential elements — form and content. This post will share top tips you should consider if you want to get effective results from your commercial LED signs.


This is one of the primary aspects you need to remember when designing your outdoor business signs. You want to make sure that the sign is visible on the street to maximize its exposure. So, identify the area where you'll install the sign before it's made. This will allow you to choose the right shape and size to avoid any obstructions that could block the sign from view. After all, you don't want to invest in an outstanding commercial sign and then install it in a place where no one will see it. Drive and walk by the area from several different directions to know if passersby and drivers will identify the sign easily. Always target an area that offers maximum exposure.


Since your plan is to design a commercial LED sign that captures everyone's attention, it is vital to choose the right colors. Most experts recommend that you select contrasting colors like dark blue and white, black and yellow, green and white, or red and white. Combining light and dark color will make it easier for the target audience to read the sign easily. Of course, your color choice shouldn't be limited to the examples listed here. You should first consider your brand colors so your outdoor LED sign can match with your logo or office colors.


Another factor that will differentiate your outdoor sign from the rest is creativity. It would be best if you used your imagination while creating the messages that will be embedded on the commercial sign. Since no one likes reading boring messages and you are investing your company's funds to increase sales, you must ensure that the message spurs warm feelings and resonates with the target audience. So, if you have some cheesy sayings, thought-provoking messages, or cool facts up your sleeve, you should unleash them. Those wordsmithing powers can take your business to another level, so allow your creativity to flow, and you'll enjoy the results.

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