3 Reasons To Use Durable Power Pole Tags

Posted on: 19 July 2021

Power poles play an important role in the distribution of electricity across electrical grids. Maintaining these poles is the responsibility of the service providers that oversee the electrical systems connected to the power poles. One important tool that service providers use when managing power poles is a tag. Power pole tags offer a number of benefits that can make it easier to track and maintain power poles over time.

1. Asset Management

Each electrical grid contains a vast number of assets that help it function properly. These assets include wires, transponders, electrical equipment, and power poles.

A service provider needs to be able to keep these assets organized in order for the electrical grid to function efficiently. Power pole tags can be printed to include a barcode or asset number. This allows service providers to track each individual power pole through its lifecycle. Durable power pole tags make it easier for service providers to manage multiple assets over time.

2. Maintenance

Power poles need to be maintained often in order to preserve their integrity. With many power poles located in a single electrical grid, it can be challenging for maintenance staff to monitor the overall health of each individual pole.

Tags can help streamline the maintenance process by giving each power pole a unique identifier. The information found on a power pole tag can be used to ensure each pole receives adequate maintenance to extend the overall lifespan of the equipment servicing an electrical grid.

3. Cost Management

Power pole tags can be invaluable when it comes to helping manage costs. A service provider can test power poles made from different materials to see which are able to withstand exposure to environmental hazards. Specialized tags allow service providers to differentiate between test poles so that long-term installation decisions can be made. Power pole tags can also help eliminate costly power outages caused by inadequate maintenance.

Using the individual asset number on each power pole tag, workers can effectively trace the maintenance completed on each pole. More effective maintenance programs can be developed to ensure all power poles remain functional at all times. Power pole tags may seem like an insignificant item, but these tags can have a big impact on the efficiency of any electrical grid.

Invest in durable power pole tags so that you are able to manage costs, perform routine maintenance, and manage your assets more effectively in the future.


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