Channel Mount Holders for a Retail or Warehouse Environment

Posted on: 1 February 2022

Channel mount holders are designed to be secured horizontally or vertically along retail displays and pallet racks. With the proper installation materials, sign holder style, and material composition, you will be able to use holders interchangeably within your business.

Adhesive or Hardware

A channel holder can be installed with a built-in adhesive strip or hardware. The features that are designed to secure a sign holder will not interfere with the placement of a sign. Some channel holders are designed to be joined together. This type of holder setup will support the display of large signage.

To create a anchoring point that will be used to display large plastic or cardboard signs, the signage will need to be measured from top to bottom. A series of holders should be linked together, to form an anchoring point that will be longer in length than the top to bottom measurement of each sign that will be displayed.

If hardware will be used to secure sign holders, a slotted retail display frame or pallet storage frame will be needed. Some display pieces that are used within retail or warehouse settings contain metal framework that is adjustable and that contains holes that hardware pieces can be secured through. 

The Use of a Clip System

Some channel mount sign holders contain clips. The clips will secure to the top and bottom of each channel that holders will rest in. Sign holders that contain an adjustable feature can be widened or lengthened. This type of holder can be anchored to channel pieces of varying sizes.

If you choose a holder style that contains a built-in clip, review the weight restrictions for this type of accessory. A holder may not be able to secure thick signs or ones that are heavy. Attempting to secure large, heavy signage to lightweight clips could result in a sign tipping forward or hanging in an uneven fashion.

Plastic or Metal

Channel mount sign holders are traditionally constructed of a plastic or metal material. Each type of material will have a smooth surface and may contain grooves that are designed to slide in and out of channels. If you will be moving signage around on a recurring basis, shop for sign holders that are made of a dense material or one that is non-corrosive.

Sign holders can be used indoors or outdoors. If seasonal displays are often set up outdoors, the addition of channel mount holders will allow you to advertise the prices of wares that are being displayed outside. Contact a sign holders company for more information about channel mount sign holders.


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