Useful Signs For A Bodega To Have

Posted on: 12 April 2023

If you've decided to open a bodega in a part of your city in which this type of store is popular, signage will be one thing to think about. It's smart to use multiple pieces of signage to alert the public to your presence, and bodegas often rely on a few specific types of signs at the front of their business. Look for a custom sign manufacturer in your area — such as Cardinal Sign Corporation — so that you can share some ideas with it and order the signage that you'll need before your bodega opens for business. Here are some useful signs to have at the front of your bodega.

Awning Sign

One of the most popular types of signage that appear on bodegas is an awning sign. As its name suggests, this is signage that appears on a traditional commercial awning. Although these awnings can vary in appearance, they commonly have a vertical front surface on which your bodega's name and phone number can appear. It's also popular to use this surface to print various popular items that you sell. A lot of bodegas have a bright awning sign to attract attention, so you might wish to choose yellow and red. You'll want the printing that appears on the awning to be in a contrasting color to ensure it's visible.

Window Signs

While your bodega's awning sign will be apparent to people at a distance, the printing on it won't be visible to pedestrians who are walking along the sidewalk — although they'll certainly appreciate the shelter that the awning sign provides. For these prospective customers, it's handy to have window signs in your bodega. These signs will be easy for those who are directly in front of your business to spot. Window signs can feature your name, street address, and a list of the products that you sell.

Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs can also be useful to order for your bodega. The primary value of these signs is their visibility to pedestrians. When someone is walking along the sidewalk in front of your bodega, it's almost impossible for them to not see a sidewalk sign. Some bodegas order sidewalk signs that they can customize. For example, you might want your store name on top of the sign, with a large whiteboard that allows you to list your daily specials to draw customers in. Contact a custom sign manufacturer to discuss this signage for your new bodega.


The Multi-functional World of SIgns

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