Display Towers Build Brand Recognition And Recruit New Customers

Posted on: 27 July 2023

Tower displays can play an important role at trade shows, stores or in museums. They are available in many unique designs. They can be a stand alone as a promotional tool or provide the opportunity to further highlight business offerings. Picking the right type of display is important for the overall effect the business needs to achieve. Incorporating more than one display option into an exhibit often helps meet a wide range of needs. 

Basic tower signage

Tower displays are the larger column-like displays that make it easy to spot a booth from a distance. Businesses who appear at trade shows to promote the company may find that one custom display with  can be used for multiple fairs. This is through careful management during installation and teardown. For larger events or launches, tower displays may be fully customized to help promote the new product or service. While brand colors and logos are still featured, there is a larger focus on the big reveal. 

Custom towers

Tower signage isn't limited to one rectangle vertical column either. Unique shapes can enhance brand building. Such as a razor company using a display with curves or a beverage company using a funnel shape with custom art to further the idea of a drink. Towers can also add visual appeal with additional horizontal signs at the top. This can simplify reading at a distance or improve communication. They can feature space for mounted electronic information displays.

When using special design elements, ensure they are functional and do not create new barriers for potential leads. For example, a tablet-based information kiosk in a tower display can be great for people to test drive a new feature on a popular app. But if it creates a queue that impedes accessing the remainder of the booth or connecting with sales representatives, the negatives could outweigh the positives.

Displays of products

Tower displays are also used for exhibits of new products within a store or expo setting or for displaying artifacts and objects. These towers are often crafted from glass panels or acrylic and feature interior lighting to help provide a clear view from all angles. These displays may also feature in exhibit booths with other tower options . This can be to help share items under development or with a novelty factor. Having curiosities, such as displays of old products or tech or new prototypes, can help drive traffic and lead to conversations.

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